Facts About Falling Stars Can Grant Requests, It Has Been There Since Ancient Greece

Is it true that making a wish on a shooting star will come true as many people believe?

Myths about shooting stars have existed since ancient times. Where when there is a falling star then make a wish and the wish will come true. Even until now everyone is still doing this.

Where when a star falls they will make a wish. Which they hope that someday this wish will come true. But did you know that what fell was actually not a star but a meteor.

Let's discuss in more detail regarding the myth about this shooting star that has existed since the days of Ancient Greece. Curious? Let's see below.

The Myth About Falling Stars Can Grant Wishes Has Been Around since Ancient Greece

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Launching from LiveScience, the phenomenon that is often called a shooting star is a piece of rock and dust floating in space which is then called a meteroid. Well, this meteorid enters the earth's atmosphere and will burn due to the friction of celestial bodies.

This event is not referred to as a shooting star but a Meteor. Humans themselves unfortunately cannot see meteors directly with the naked eye. Therefore many people think that it is a shooting star phenomenon.

Humans can only witness this event using a telescope. Due to this, if one were able to see a shooting star with the naked eye, one's wish would be granted.

The legend regarding this shooting star itself has existed since the days of Ancient Greece. Where an astronomer named Ptolemy wrote about the first shooting star. He said that if the shooting star event meant that there was a god looking down on the earth from where he was.

However, this assumption cannot be tested and proven by science and other sciences.After knowing all of this, the myth about shooting stars can grant your own wish depending on your individual beliefs.

Do you still believe that shooting stars can grant wishes? Give your feedback below.

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